History of Au Château

Au Château Home for the Aged (162 beds, classified as a “C” Home) is a municipal home, located in West Nipissing, primarily serving a francophone population in a bilingual environment.

The official opening of Au Château took place August 26, 1964. For 20 years, Au Château remained unchanged but the thoughts of expanding was discussed during these years. It was soon realized that the demand for seniors accommodation was greater than the supply. On August 17, 1984, the Au Château expansion project was taking place. This expansion would increase the number of beds to accommodate 162 residents, a new recreation unit and a senior citizen apartment complex with 40 units.

With the success and popularity of the 40-unit apartment complex, it was determined that further apartment units were required to meet the needs of the area’s seniors. Apartment buildings we added in 1992, 1994, and 2010, bringing our total seniors unit to 175.

Au Château is also a proud sponsor of the Life Lease Residences (19 apartment style and 8 townhomes). Established in 2000, this housing development provides adults over the age of 55 with a resident-funded retirement alternative. These residences have a wide range of amenities, easy living features and personal services that are available through Au Château. Au Château maintains the premises, provides housekeeping for the common areas and provides security checks. In essence, the residents obtain freedom from day-to-day security and maintenance worries.

Au Château had the vision to use the Nursing Home’s expertise and resources to expand it’s mandate to service the needs of seniors in our community from the Home to Housing to Community Support Services. Thus the creation of a Campus of Care.

Although many changes has occurred throughout the years with many services integrated, the homelike community environment and care to our residents has not changed, it has only improved!