Au Château, a residence of choice.

Committed, Compassionate and Quality Care.


“Au Château will be the most appealing and livable Home of choice with a focus on enriching the lives of our residents.”


“The mission of Au Château is to create and enhance a positive effect in the lives of our residents and our communities by being relentless in our delivery of exemplary and compassionate quality care in an environment that allows them grow and to age with dignity, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and culturally in a Home of choice.”

Core Values

The core values for Au Château are the collective conscience of the organization. They define the basic principles by which the Home operates and governs the way the Home makes decisions, how we interact with others and how we conduct ourselves. Core values serve as standards for performance.

We believe that each person is unique and valuable, and is entitled to purposeful, person-centered and compassionate care. Our core values and the expected behaviors that flow from them will guide the implementation of our strategy and the realization of our vision.

Au Château is committed to these core values:

  • Being respectful, compassionate and sensitive to human needs, dignity and fairness.
  • Ensuring quality leadership by demonstrating honesty, integrity and respect by promoting visionary leadership at all levels and communicating openly.
  • Pursuit of excellence by practicing continuous improvement on our people, services and accomplishment and by taking responsibility for our work and ourselves.
  • Encouraging the power of team and cooperation throughout the organization by building on strengths and collective knowledge while focusing on a common goal.

Our Values


Compassion is serving our residents with our hearts, providing a safe, comfortable, caring and friendly environment.

Resident focus

Residents are at the centre whereby our focus is to enhance their quality of life with dignity, respect, self-esteem and safety.

Excellence in care

We are committed to achieving a holistic approach to meeting the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of our residents.


Understanding that each person is unique with intrinsic dignity and worth is the basis of all our relationships. Au Château is dedicated to respect cultural, social, gender, spiritual and linguistic differences. We value ongoing and open communication by respecting all members of the team – their contributions and views are valued, acknowledged and rewarded.


We are responsible and accountable to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with our values.

Business Structure